James Saville

Hello, thank you for your time and it is with great pleasure I am able to offer a short introduction to who I am and what I can offer to improve your English in order to reach your individual learning objectives.

My name is James Saville and I originate from New Zealand, you may be familiar with this small country, if not, please check out ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movies.

I have been actively involved in Teaching and Training for over 30 years across South East Asia, with the majority of time spent in Thailand, where I currently reside.

Over this rather extensive period of time, I have taught and trained in a multitude of Institutions, Universities and Multi-national companies. 

As a student of languages, I see both sides of the equation – Teacher to student and student to teacher, and with this knowledge I bring to my classes not only the language but the skills to connect with, improve and enhance a student’s learning capabilities and also the confidence to use the chosen language.

I strongly believe that it is not enough to ‘Learn the language’, one must be able to ‘Use the language’!

On subsequent pages you will read and see my methodologies to not only how to reach your chosen objectives but you will also be able to read what some of my students have said about their learning experiences and how they have obtained their objectives through our classes.

Thank you

James Saville.